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Outdoor Activities

Hiking, Biking, Kayaking…
There are countless ways to spend an exciting and active vacation in the Schlitzerland and the surrounding area. Here you can find an overview of what to do.

Not even 10 minutes of walking distance separate the holiday homes from one of Hesse’s largest woodlands. There are more than 160 km of marked hiking trails in the area, offering you the option to discover nature in its purest form. You can either drive to one of the recommended hiking routes or start your hike right by your holiday house.
If you click the following link you can find some beautiful hiking routes in the surrounding area. You can also find a folder with several hiking maps in your holiday house – if not, feel free to ask for one!

Several well-prepared bicycle tracks are to be found in the surrounding area, you can choose between easy routes for families and beginners or challenging tours for ambitioned riders. Or just discover the area by bike and chose your own route! In the following we would like to introduce you to some of the most popular bicycle routes.

1. Fuldaradweg R1 – “Fulda bicycle track”
Fuldaradweg R1 follows the river Fulda from its spring in the Rhön to its entry into the river Weser. This route is easy to do and therefore perfect for families with kids. For more information we recommend the following website:

2. Vulkanradweg – “Volcano bicycle track”
This 94km long route follows an old railway track and offers all different kind of views. One of the highlights of this tour is the “Vogelsberger Vulkan-Express”, a train that takes you up to the highest point of the route. From there on you can just roll back into the valley with no effort, a great idea for families with smaller children.

3. Gründchenradweg
This 70 km long route is a loop track that starts right by the holiday houses. It takes you through the little towns of Niederjossa and Breitenbach into the so-called Gründchen, from there on through Udenhausen to Maar and then through Lauterbach, Bad Salzschlirf and Schlitz back onto the Fuldaradweg R1 to Rimbach.
There are 4 bicycles you can rent at the restaurant at own risk, feel free to ask for further information.

1. Open air pool in Schlitz
The open air pool in Schlitz is just a 15 min drive away, perfect for a cooling-off on a hot summer day!  It offers a vast green area with trees and a 5m diving board as well as several pools of different size.

2. Pfordter See – “Lake Pfordt”
Lake Pfordt is another great destination for an excursion; you can comfortably drive or even bike the 12km. Right by the lake you can find large parking space, changing rooms and restrooms. Swimming is allowed whenever the lifeguards are on duty.

3. Water park “Die Welle”
“Die Welle” is an in- and outdoor water park that offers several pools and slides as well as a large sauna area with Finnish saunas and a steam bath. Kids will love the wave pool, a swimming pool with artificial waves! The drive to Lauterbach takes less than 30 minutes.

There are many more outdoor and indoor pools to be found in the area, for example the brine baths in Bad Salzschlirf (15km) and Herbstein, “Aqua-Fit” in Bad Hersfeld and several pools in Fulda.

4. Canoeing and kayaking on the river Fulda
Multiple rowing clubs in the surrounding area offer canoe tours on the calm river Fulda. Directly in Rimbach you can find a new-built canoe landing place for safe enters and exits. For more information about different canoeing and kayaking tours as well as renting places visit the following website:

Hochseilgarten Schlitz
An exciting adventure for all ages is the high ropes course in Schlitz, where you can experience new heights and reach your personal limits. Climbing is a great way to improve team spirit and a fun activity for families! The high ropes course offers different levels as well as professional supervision and instruction, the view from the top of the course is amazing!

Eishalle Lauterbach
The ice rink in Lauterbach is a great spot to go ice skating in winter; it is located right next to the water park “Die Welle”. Ice skates can be rented out, for further information visit the following website:

Schlitz is a beautiful town right by the holiday houses; it is a great destination for excursions and offers several shopping possibilities.
The traditional town with its medieval flair is a great place to discover the history of the area; you can visit the castle museum or mount the largest candle in the world at the “Hinterturm”
A famous event is the international “Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volkstanzfest”, a traditional costume and dance festival where dance and music groups from all over the world get together in Schlitz.

Within half an hour of driving you can also visit the towns of Lauterbach, Bad Salzschlirf, the baroque city of Fulda as well as Bad Hersfeld which is famous for its theatre festival. All around you can find all kinds of cultural offerings, for more information visit the following websites: